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“Scrabble” | Cracow, Poland | 2011

    Art Boom Festival
    Cracow / Poland / 2011
    Curated by Marcin S. Gołębiewski

    Artaq End Show / Paris / Franc / Group exhibition /2012

    At this time the concept of post-truth wasn’t yet in common use and “alternative facts” were only an oxymoron.
    The project is meant to encourage one to search for information independently. Also to verify sources connected to ongoing issues such as military conflicts, GMO, global health politics, the origin of financial crises, nature and corporation strategies, global warming, financial and energy policy.

    I made more than 400 ceramic scrabble letters. Each installation was devoted to a different documentary film and the cross-words corresponded to issues presented in the movie.

    I summarised the the project with a series of posters.