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In a few months I will open a shop on a new online platform dedicated to selling Polish street art. Till it happens feel invited to ask me by email about art presented below. If I’m in Poland, I’ll gladly welcome You in my Warsaw workshop and show You around.


I wanted to move my art from the street to gallery. I found a way to do this that didn’t require taking bricks from walls.

I picked the characteristic look, texture and colour of old facades and transferred it to canvas.

Every year I create pantings -each year somewhat differently; depending on my mood and internal growth as an artist and as a human being.

Prices are set individually for each work. Please email to ask for details.


I have been drawing these hearts illegally in the streets for several years. I also use them on some pieces of my ceramics. Now I have decided to turn them into a neon.

60x60cm: 600 euro
70x70cm: 700 euro
80x80cm: 800 euro
100x100cm: 1000 euro

Spray Cans

2021 edition

Each year I prepare a small edition of ceramic stickers. This year, for the second time, I merge them with spray cans, symbol of street art and graffiti.

Price: 500 Euro

How it’s made in 10 super short videos:

1. Choice of the lace
2. Details
3. Preparing cans
4. Rusting cans
5. Firing ceramics
6. Gilding
7. Styling the can
8. Almost ready
9. Signing
10. Packaging


I personally screen print each t-shirt.
Different sizes.

Price: 50 Euro