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The artworks come from a series “Illegals”. The series documents stencils I used on the streets from 2019 to 2022.

In this series, I first recreate the structure of the wall on canvas – I choose the characteristic look, texture and color of the old facades, and then I use stencils that I previously used to illegallypaint streets.

Prices are set individually for each work. Please email to ask for details:


I have been drawing these hearts illegally in the streets for several years. I also use them on some pieces of my ceramics. Now I have decided to turn them into a neon.

60x60cm: 600 euro
70x70cm: 700 euro
80x80cm: 800 euro
100x100cm: 1000 euro

Spray Cans

2021 edition

Each year I prepare a small edition of ceramic stickers. This year, for the second time, I merge them with spray cans, symbol of street art and graffiti.

Price: 500 Euro

How it’s made in 10 super short videos:

1. Choice of the lace
2. Details
3. Preparing cans
4. Rusting cans
5. Firing ceramics
6. Gilding
7. Styling the can
8. Almost ready
9. Signing
10. Packaging


I personally screen print each t-shirt.
Different sizes.

Price: 50 Euro