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I was born in 2009. Since then, my work has appeared in over 100 cities, in 40 countries on 5 continents, both in galleries and in the public space. I create on the border of urban art, painting and traditional ceramics. Lace patterns became my signature style.

It’s easiest to treat what I do as decorative art. All my works inspired by the art of lace making are a search for the simplest codes of beauty and harmony. Symmetrical lace patterns have a mesmerizing character, they come from the world of nature, they are everywhere around us, in the calyxes of flowers, skeletons of sea creatures, snowflakes, in patterns painted by frost on windows. They are universal and recognizable all over the world, in all cultures. They are often associated with family home, childhood, security, good old times. I believe that my works based on lace motifs emit good energy, people just like them and smile when they see them.

On another level, my work can be perceived as a symbol of connection between people and cultures. Intertwining threads with ceramic objects or real laces are an excellent metaphor for social relations. My art also has a distinct female aspect. The lace making was (and still is) cultivated almost exclusively by women and identified with femininity. Until recently, women’s lace circles were an important element of everyday life. Women working together talked about everyday problems, shared their joys and worries, and supported each other. To this day, the connection between lace and femininity is visible in my social media – almost 80% of my followers identify as women.

photo: M.Rutkiewicz

10 most important events

Museum of Louvre – Lens. Lens, France. Installation + live painting. (2019)

#ceramicstreetart. O.D.Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (2022)

“Recrafted”. Form Gallery, Perth, Australia. Duplex exhibition with Nandita Kumar (2015)

“Art & Science”. Sharjah Art Museum, Sharjah, UAE. Group exhibition. (2015)

“Harmony. Walls of Bologna”. Solo exhibition. Porta Nova Gallery, Bologna, Italy. (2016)

Urban Nation Biennale. Berlin, Germany. Group exhibition. (2019)

Urban Art Biennale, Moscow, Russia. Group exhibition. (2016)

“Scars”. Solo exhibition. BWA Gallery, Wrocław, Poland. (2015)

International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2018. Yerevan, Armenia. Group exhibition. (2018)

“Monumenta”. Leipzig, Germany. Group exhibition. (2018)


Exhibitions and Events


EXPO Dubai 2020, Dubai, UAE. Instalation in Polish Pavilion.

STRAAT Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Installation.

BLINK Festival, Cincinnati / Ohio, USA. Mural.

The Jersey City Mural Arts Program (JCMAP), Jersey City / New Jersey, USA. Mural.

#CeramicStreetArt, O.D. Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Duo show with SC Szyman.

Artists 4 human rights, European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. Group exhibition.

Zacni Przyjaciele, Poznań, Poland. Group Exhibition

CHMURA, Miejska galeria sztuki, Czestochowa, Poland. Group Exhibition.

Urban Art Area, Leonarda Art Gallery, Warsaw, Poland. Group Exhibition.

LeMur Oberkampf, Paris, France. Mural.

Appartengo Festival, Stigliano, Italy. Mural.

Halmstad, Sweden. Mural.

Street Art en Baie, Yffiniac, France. Mural.

Ylberi Festival, Santa Sofia D’Epiro, Italy. Mural.

MUSA Festival, Mendicino, Italy. Mural.

Esporo Cultura Festival, Portugal. Installation.

LINK Urban Art Festival, Brescia, Italy. Mural.

Millerntor Gallery, Hamburg, Germany. Installation.

Popularte Festival, Corsica, France. Mural.

LineUp / Noisy Project, Paris, France. Ceramics & Murals.

GarGar Festival, Les Penelles, Spain. Mural.

Thoughts & Art embraces politics, European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. Performance & discussion.


La Fourmie Festival, Callac, France, Mural.

Art Walk Festival, Patras, Greece. Mural. Urban Art Area. Group Exhibition.

Koneser Gallery, Warsaw, Poland. Group Exhibition.

ArtScape Festival, Malmö, Sweden. Mural.

Nowe Warprno, Poland. Mural.

Street Art Festival Mostar, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mural.

Craponne-sur-Arzon, France. Mural.

LayUp Gallery, Gdańsk, Poland. Installation.

Triennale di Maroggia – Tra Strada e Street Art. Installation.

Liebesbier Hotel, Bayreuth, Germany. Indoor mural.

Silk Residency, Monpellier, France. 3 Murals (indor & outdoor).


Propaganda Gallery, NYX Hotel Warsaw, Poland. Mural

Festival Popularte, Corsica, France. Mural

Emergence Festival, Sicily, Italy. Mural

JAM etend’ART Festival, Calais, France. Mural + Installation

Pandemic Art. Group exhibition. Elektrownia Gallery. Warsaw, Poland.

CVTA’ StreetFest. Civitacampomarano, Italy. Installation


Museum of Louvre – Lens. Lens, France. Installation + live painting.

Musée des Beaux-arts. Alençon, France. Lighting object.

F(r)iction, group show. Lhodi Art District, New Delhi, India. Installation.

St+Art Festival, New Delhi, India. Mural.

Bobowa, Poland. A mural on the building of the City Hall.

Countless Cities Biennial. Favara, Sicily/Italy. Mural + installation.

[Re]Think Sisak Festival. Sisak, Croatia. Mural.

Madrid Street Art Project. Madrid, Spain. Mural.

Luxor Factory Art Residency. Le Locle, Switzerland. Mural.

StARTer Proyectos Culturales. Belorado, Spain. Mural.

Urban Nation Biennial. Berlin, Germany. Installation.

Le Mur. Rennes, France. Mural.


International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2018 (ICAE2018).

HayArt Cultural Center, Yerevan, Armenia. Installation.

Monumenta. Leipzig, Germany. Group exhibition.

Urban Nation Art Residency, Berlin, Germany. Installation.

Milion Możliwosci. Łaźnia Gallery, Radom, Poland. Group exhibition.

Ziomki & Przyjaciele. O29 Gallery, Warsaw, Poland. Group exhibition.

Emergence Festival, Valverde, Italy. Mural.

Culture center in Skarżysko-Kamienna, Poland. Installation.

Forum kolektyw, Gdańsk, Poland. Mural.

Musée des Beaux-arts, Alençone, France. Mural.

Kristiansand, Norway. Mural.

Facebook office, Warsaw, Poland. Mural.

Instytut Festival, Modlin, Poland. Installation.

Helsinki Urban Art Festival, Helsinki, Finland. Installation.

Warsztaty Kultury, Poland, Lublin. Mural.

Muzeum Częstochowskie, Częstochowa, Poland. Installation.


There’s no limit. Group exhibition curated by Thinkspace Gallery (LA). Borås, Sweden

Style Madness. Group exhibition. Lublin, Poland.

Lacemakers from Póvoa da Atalaia, a mural. Póvoa da Atalaia, Portugal.

Civita Strret Fest, Civitacampomarano, Italy. Mural.

Cathedral, instalation. Vila do Conde, Portugal.

No Limit Festival, Borås, Sweden. Mural.

Up North Festival, Røst, Lofoten, Norway. Mural.

One Wall by Urban Nation, Berlin, Germany. Mural.

Poliniza Dos Festival, Valencia, Spain. Mural.

Forum Kolektyw, Gdańsk, Poland. Installation.

Fukushima, installation. Chernobyling Festival, Prypyat, Ukraine.

IBUG, Chemnitz, Germany. Stencil graffiti.

Bombarral, Portugal. Mural

Epitaph for the forest, installation. Warsaw, Poland.

Festiwal czterech kultur, Łódź, Poland. Installation.


Harmony. Walls of Bologna. Solo exhibition, Porta Nova Gallery, Bologna, Italy.

Precariat. Bronze statue, II Street Art Biennale, Moscow, Russia.

The big picture. Lace installation. Point of viev – group exhibition, Sinta, Portugal.

Remuera Festival, Auckland, New Zealand. Mural.

Dunedin Street Art, Dunedin, New Zealand. Mural.

Zielony Plac Defilad, Warsaw, Poland. Horizontal mural.

Pont-l’Abbé, France. Mural and lace installation.

Koniaków, Poland. Mural.

Estau Arte Urbana, Estarreja, Portugal. Mural.

Limerick, Ireland. Lace installation.

Emergence Festival, Giardini Naxos, Sicily, Italy. Mural.


Blizny / Scars. Solo exhibition, BWA Gallery, Wrocław, Poland.

Tableware for Pigoens. Solo exhibition,

Taito Gallery, Helsinki, Finland. Recrafted.

Form Gallery, Perth, Australia. Exhibition with Nandita Kumar

Bez Różu, Arsenał Gallery, Poznań, Poland. Group exhibition.

Guanxi. Mural.

Form Festival, Perth, Australia. Happy hour. Mural.

Guanxi. Installation.

QRE Festival, Hong Kong. Ladybirds.

A mural for children, Tbilisi, Georgia. Mural.

A gate to everything. Light & painting installation, commisioned by ESK2016 Wrocław, Poland

A mural commisioned for Starak Foundation, Warsaw, Poland.

Urban Art Esch, Luxemburg. Mural.

Street Art Festival, Bielsko Biała, Poland, Mural.

Forty-Forty Gallery, Warsaw, Poland. Mural.

Fate Festival, San Potito Sannitico, Italy. Mural.

Festiwal Koronki Klockowej, Bobowa, Poland. Mural.

Biennale Bolsena Ricama, Bolsena, Italy. Mural.

Ex-Voo Festival , Dree, Francja. Lace installation

WRSW / BRLN. An installation with Aida Gomez. Warsaw, Poland

Szpargaty, Poznań, Poland. Mural.

Festival Halasi Csipke, Kiskunhalas, Hungary. Mural.


Merlettis. Solo exhibition. Elastico Gallery, Bologna, Italy.

Beef. Video installation. Pies czy Suka Gallery, Warsaw, Poland.

Tableware for Pigeons. Video installation. 19×19 Gallery, Group exhibition, Warsaw, Poland.

Big Draw Festival, Nijmegen, Holand. Stencil graffiti.

HX Festival, Helsingborg, Sweden. Insatllation.

Djerbahood, Djerba/Tunisia. Mural, ceramic. Fundao, Portugal.

Installation, mural, cramic Installation for 40th anniversary of Polish Institute, Vienna, Austria.


Szelest myśli. Solo exhibition.BWA Gallery, Olsztyn, Poland.

Cash, Cans & Candy. Group exhibition. Ernst Hilger Gallery, Vienna, Austria.

Punkt bez ja. Group exhibition. Galeria Arsenał/Elektrownia, Białystok, Poland.

19×19 Gallery, Warsaw, Poland. Group exibition. Installation.

Boombastic Urban Art Festival, Vodnjan, Croatia. Mural, ceramic.

Walk&Talk. Public Art Festival, Azores, Portugal. Mural.

The smallest pope in the world. Sculpture.

ART.eria Festival. Częstochowa, Poland.

Turnpike Grup, London. Mural.

Bolsena Biennale l’Arte nel Ricamo e nel Merletto, Bolsena, Italy. Mural, installations.


Koronkowa robota. Group exhibition. Zamek Cieszyn Gallery, Cieszyn, Poland.

Bunker Festival, Turin, Italy. Mural, Installation.

Traffic Design Festival, Gdynia, Poland.

Mural Skrzyżowanie Kultur Festival, Białystok, Poland. Mural, installation.

Artaq End Show, Paris, France. Group exhibition.

Rempex Gallery, Warsaw, Poland. Group exhibition.

Cały ten street art. Galeria Nova, Kraków. Group exhibition.


Intralci. Milano, Italy. Group exhibition.

No Women No Art Festival, Poznań, Poland. Insatllation.

Fame Festival, Grottaglie, Italy, Murals, ceramic.

Gallery for Tibet, Warszawa. Poland. Group exhibition.

Graffiti vs Street Art. Zachęta Gallery, Lublin, Poland. Group exhibition.

Etnoinspiracje. National Gallery, Gdańsk, Poland. Group exhibition.

Scrabble. Art Boom Festival, Kraków, Poland.

Ogrody Tymczasowe Festival, Kraków, Poland. Installation.

Artaq End Show, Angers, Paris, Berlin, France/Germany.

Street Art Festival, Katowice, Poland.

Miasto dziergane. Spot Gallery, Poznań, Poland. Group exhibition.

Polski Street Art, Centre of Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland. Group exhibition.

Pless Art Festival, Pszczyna,Poland. Ceramics.


Street Art w Królikarni. National Gallery, Warsaw, Poland. Group exhibition.

Festival of Visual Arts, Brzeszcze, Poland. Mural.