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Lodhi Art Festival, India | 2019

    On the occasion of International Womens Day 2019 I was invited to Delhi to paint a mural inspired by the traditional women led crafts, connecting the European lace patterns and the Indian rangoli patterns. The final work was also a result of a workshop with 25 women from Nizamuddin area, the medieval Islamic district in Delhi.

    My original pick for this mural was brown, but when I started painting it brown, i realised something was amiss here. It didn’t look like that the mural belonged to the people who live in Lodhi Colony. When I looked around, there was so much colour everywhere – trees, women wearing clothes in shades of red, red bindis… And here my work was looking dull, not matching with the vibrancy around. So I picked red, and I’d say, women of Lodhi Art District are the inspiration behind the mural.

    Thank you St+art India and EU in India for the support!

    Selected references: