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Bowling in Belorado, Spain | 2019

    WallKing Belorado
    Belorado / Spain / 2019
    Curated by Estela Rojo and Regue Fernandez

    I was invited to Belorado in Spain to a project that addresses the presence of women in public space. In this region of Spain, a popular game practiced only by women for hundreds of years is the local type of bowling. The project aimed to restore this tradition.

    Together with Spanish artist Regue Fernandez, we painted all the Plaza San Nicolas frontages. This square was a place where local women played bowling. I found and painted local lace motifs and Regue painted the figures of local women, based on old photos from the city’s chronicle.

    Many people came to the opening of the square in the new decor. There was a lot of joy, laughter and fun. Perhaps some of the older ladies playing bowling again are girls from black and white photos that Regue painted around…

    Selected references: