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    The “Thoughts” project is an attempt to preserve a state of meditation in clay.

    Making ceramic petals, with left over clay from other works, began without any clear purpose and almost subconsciously.
    Weeks passed and I noticed one petal after the other looking finer. I was devoting more and more attention, focus and precision to the formation. Gradually this seemingly purposeless and simple process was becoming more rewarding. I felt calm, my thoughts became orderly and I was filled with peace, optimism and serenity. It was almost as if the meditative feelings were somehow materialising into the form of fine white petals.

    The project started in 2012 and I will continue for as long as I am able.
    The final exhibition will take place in the year 2042.

    In the following years I started forming petals in the places I visited.
    I just sat, looked around, and let my thoughts flow freely through my mind. In that moment, my fingers formed the petals recording each my thought in soft clay. This process somehow reminds me of the old way of making records, when the vibrating needle carved grooves in the wax matrix, recording the sound.

    Each petal takes about a minute of my time to form.
    I aim to make 50 kg of petals every year. By 2042 my goal is to have approximately 1500 kg of ceramic petals.


    2012: 25 kg
    2013: 67 kg
    2014: 110 kg
    2015: 164 kg
    2016: 204 kg
    2017: 226 kg
    2018: 274 kg
    2019: 293 kg
    2020: 357 kg
    2021: 380 kg (56 kg lost during transport)
    2022: 486 kg
    2023: 518 kg till now

    Till now I showed the project during a few exhibitions.
    Visitors to the galleries, could, in a sense, feel and hear my thoughts by touching, holding and turning the petals in their fingers while producing distinct sounds.

    In 2024 the “Thoughts” will be exhibited on long, narrow tables; estimated at a length of 300 m.
    Visitors will be encouraged to pass along them, observe the uniqun qualities of each petal and to submerge their hands in my thoughts. I believe that the sound, created by them, releases my materialised peace and allows the mind to be cleansed.