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“Tableware For Pigeons” | Warsaw, Poland | 2013

    Exhibitions of the project:

    19 Artystów dla 19 Dzielńicy / group exhibition / 2015

    Art Gallery / Helsinki / 2015

    At one of the main junctions in Warsaw’s city centre, close to the Central Railway Station, there is a spot that attracts flocks of pigeons. Every day locals put grain there and during the summer there are water bowls. Grain is strewn over the ground and the bowls are always old and dirty. It crossed my mind that pigeons deserved better tableware.

    Over the next two years, I formed more than 500 pieces of a porcelain service. Nearly half of this was lost during stages of the kiln firing process.

    I divided the pieces into two sets. One set I placed at the city location where the pigeons would flock to and the other set I incorporated into the video installation that was a part of this project. Within the hour my tableware had disappeared. It was most likely taken by the man who had watched me work, and to whom I had a brief conversation with. He was homeless and spent most of his days in the subways of the station.

    I did not mourn the loss of my work, in fact its disappearance made me happy. Afterall pigeons didn’t need cups and plates, but a homeless man might.

    Art environment

    Video installation

    The process of creating porcelain tablewere

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    Art environment in Warsaw city center

    Video installation