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Street Arts Festival I Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina I 2021

    It was one of the simplest lace I have ever painted. Emotionally – perhaps it was the most difficult project. For the first time in my life, my wall had such clear traces of war, dozens of bullet holes all over the facade. Working in this place, I couldn’t stop thinking about the tragic history of Mostar, this fascinating and multicultural city.
    The lace pattern I chose was referred to as “local” by everyone to whom I spoke. “My grandmother had exactly this one on the TV, on the couch.” Or “My mom used to embroider this pattern .” I heard it again and again. I was wondering if, like many other artists working for Street Arts Festival Mostar I should paint over those bullet holes, paint something nice and forget about the past. I could not.
    Lace making is a very feminine thing. While working, I thought about the fate of women who are victims of wars all over the world. Here, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, however, it had an extraordinary dimension. Institutionalized sexual violence and mass rape were a cruel instrument of terror used in this conflict, in front of the whole world. I wanted to not think about it, but I did. The bullet holes became part of my mural.

    Many thanks to the amazing ladies who run the festival. @marinamimoza @_akiko_7, Maja, Sabina, it was a pleasure working with you. Big hugs to all the wonderful people we met in Mostar, it was an unforgettable time! @streetartsfestivalmostar