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“Precariat”, II Street Art Biennale | Moscow, Russia | 2016

    Statue, bronze, 57 cm / Hand painted pedestal / Digital print / Stickers
    Curators: Sasha Krolikova, Marcin Rutkiewicz

    Statue ‘Precariat’ is a metaphor for a new emerging social class; a class that is fundamentally rooted amongst young people living without social and legal guarantees, permanent work, often burdened with large student debts or other loans and unsure of the future. These people are the engine of protest movements, such as “the Arab Spring”, “Occupy Wall Street” and those fighting for protection of the Taksim-Gezi Park in Turkey. They have the potential to change the world, but they don’t have the global awareness of unity of interests yet.

    All over the world precariat have the same problems caused by modern neoliberal corporate capitalism and globalization. In the light of growing political tensions in the world and the decreasing social security, NeSpoons sculpture is an appeal to keep unity. It is a protest against building invisible walls, based on nationalism, between people in similar economic and social situations, a protest against manipulating them and colliding with each other for the benefit of multinational corporations, financial institutions and ruling classes. It is a call for global solidarity.

    Big thanks to Sasha Krolikowa, Sabina Chagina, Yuliya Vasilenko.
    Special thanks to Dariusz Klechowski / Polish Institute in Moscow