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Jidar Street Art Festival | Rabat, Morocco | 2024

    By painting local lace patterns, I aim to honor the rich tradition of lace-making, which can span several centuries. While searching for lace in Morocco, I discovered that much of it was influenced by French designs. This led me to innovate and create something unique. Morocco is renowned for its ceramics, with intricate ceramic patterns found everywhere, even in modern architecture. Thus, I decided to paint ceramics that would forge a connection between our cultures.

    Moroccan ceramics are characterized by mathematical symmetry, whereas my ceramics, inspired by handmade lace, exhibit an organic symmetry that is beautifully imperfect. Symmetrical lace patterns possess a mesmerizing quality, reflecting the natural world—they are present in the calyxes of flowers, the skeletons of sea creatures, snowflakes, and the frost patterns on windows. These designs are universal, recognized and appreciated across all cultures. They often evoke a sense of home, childhood, security, and nostalgia.

    I believe that my works, based on lace motifs, radiate positive energy. People are naturally drawn to them, and they often smile when they see them.

    Thank you for the great time to the whole crew @jidar_streetart! Special thanks to Salah and Malak.MP4