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Lofoten, Norway | 2017

    Pietro Querini was a 15th-century sailing captain from Venice. He is being shipwrecked in Røst, in northern Norway, in the winter of 1432. The storm ravaged the ship, only eleven men of a crew that totaled 68, survived. They were found by local fishermen, after nearly a month on the desert island near Røst. This dramatic incident was the origin of trade between northern Norway and Italy, that made possible the combination of Norwegian stockfish and Italian cooking (baccalà).

    The history of European laces, which are the main motiffs of my paintings, started in the same time, in the same city. In the15th century in Venice. Venice was an important lace trading centre, and it was there that the first known lace pattern books were printed (Le Pompe in the 1550s).

    In Lofoten I used a lace pattern taken from the Venetian handbook. Maybe, just maybe Capitain Querini had dressed himself in his outfit with this lace trim.