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“Epitaph for the forest” | Poland | 2016

    Białowieża – Warsaw / Poland / 2016-201

    Exhibitions of the project:

    2017 | There’s no limit. Group exhibition curated by Thinkspace Gallery (LA) | Borås, Sweden 
    2018 | Ziomki & Przyjaciele. Group exhibition. O29 Gallery | Warsaw, Poland
    2018| A safe space for trees | Berlin, Germany.

    Białowieża Forest has a unique ecosystem. It is the last European lowland natural forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a home to the last wild aurochs.
    Despite protests by ecologists, state owned wood companies are constantly increasing the timber extraction in the protected forest areas. This they do under the pretext of fighting beetle infestations. According to scientists and ecologists, this unique ecosystem will soon be destroyed and replaced with an industrial style of planting.

    In the endangered areas of the wood I made a collection of bark prints. The ceramic plaques are a posthumous mask in memory of the forest that has gone forever.

    Many thanks to Greenpeace Poland and “Dzika Polska” Foundation for the support.

    The process