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“Entanglement”, 17th Islamic Arts Festival | Sharjah, UAE | 2014

    17th Islamic Arts Festival / Sharjah / UAE
    Sharjah Art Museum / 2014
    Curated by Hisham Al-Madhloum

    I was invited to take part in an Islamic Arts Festival, the theme being “Arts & Science”.

    For the project titled “Entanglement” I focused on what is common for all societies today, in the world of divisions. The context of my work I divided into two parts, “A bird with one wing does not fly” and “The Cave”. The science of quantum physics states that entanglement is an inexplicable phenomenon involving the immediate exchange of information between two spaced apart molecules that were born in the same place and time. Such molecules behave as if they were linked, regardless of the distance that separates them.

    Traces of another entanglement can be found in the aesthetic codes of most cultures. For example the symmetrical patterns are present in the art of pre-Columbian Indians, the Tibetan mandala, in Polish handmade laces, in the Islamic ornaments… Basic codes of harmony and beauty are universal around the world, despite the time and distance separating the creators. Maybe all of these codes derived from the same source and are searching for that harmonious connection?

    A Bird With One Wing Does Not Fly

    A mural composed of two motifs: a typical Islamic ornamental pattern and a pattern of handmade lace from Koniakow in Poland.

    The Cave

    The lamp pattern is a combination of both motifs: Polish lace and a characteristic ornament of Islamic art.

    Lighting lace production