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DENTELLE DE RUE solo exhibition | Odyssud, France | 12.05.-05.07.2023

    Centre Culturel de la Ville de Blagna
    Curator: Maud O’Jeanson

    It’s hard to believe, but the preparations for this exhibition took over five years. I received my first email inviting me to the Odyssud Cultural Center in Blagnac, France, in early 2018. After that, the project kept slipping back in time, encountering more obstacles. When I had given up hope, the pandemic was over, budget difficulties were overcome and the project came to fruition! During the exhibition, I showed 21 works, both ceramic street art and canvases.

    “(…) Ceramic street art is the core of NeSpoon’s work. It was a ceramic object with a lace motif that was the first work she left on the street in 2009. Each ceramic lace is made in duplicate. The first copy is glued somewhere in public space, in one of the many cities visited by the artist. The second copy becomes the heart of the work presented at the exhibition.

    In turn, the paintings on canvases come from the “Illegals” series. The series documents the stencils NeSpoon used to paint graffiti in dozens of cities from 2012 to 2022. In this series, the artist first recreates the structure of the wall on canvas – she chooses the characteristic appearance, texture and color of the old facades, and then uses stencils that she had previously illegally painted the streets. (…)”

    Thank you for the invitation, perseverance and all the care to Maud Maud O’Jeanson.