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Works“Scars” solo exhibition | Wroclaw, Poland | 2015

“Scars” solo exhibition | Wroclaw, Poland | 2015

CiS BWA Gallery Wrocław
Solo exhibition
Curated by Krzysztof Kucharczyk

In the western countries, World War II seems to be a distant past. But the more east into one goes, the more topical this story is. In many Polish cities, one will still come across houses with traces of heavy WWII battles. This is symbolic because holes and splinters from bullets represent a physical reminder of the harm that was done.

Unfortunately, in recent years the institutionalised arousal of this war trauma has become a tool to shape peculiarly understood patriotism based on xenophobia. It was those physical scars on buildings that I filled with clay, symbolically healing the urban tissue. After a few days, the clay dried and fell off, like scabs from a healing wound.

I used part of those clay scabs to make an installation presented at an exhibition in the BWA Gallery in Wrocław. I created structures to represent the blood-flow that would nourish and heal the dead places. The wound can heal and will rebuild damaged tissue.

CiS BWA Gallery Wrocław