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“Recrafted” exhibition | Perth, Australia | 2015

    Curated by Sharmila Wood

    Learning the porcelain technique independently took many years. I discovered everything through trial and error. During this time many of my ideas suffered through the process. However, pieces that were not fit for use in specific projects, those with flaws and cracks, I gave new life to by using them as ornaments on the streets or in my paintings.

    “This series of studies focuses on processes and materiality. NeSpoon reveals the myriad artistic mediums she works with, moving across street art, craft, and pottery. Whilst lace is no longer a widely practised craft, NeSpoon re-imagines how it could be given new life and meaning, and inspire a range of applications. An insight into the processes of her art reveals stages of change and transition. The handmade quality of her work-touch, feeling, technique, texture and action are evident as she pounds, rolls, smooths, cuts and makes patterns. NeSpoon’s hybrid approach embodies innovation as she explores the subtleties of tradition memories, histories, and possibilities of street art, craft and pottery, combining them together in a way that transforms the traditional perception of lace.” Sharmila Wood



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