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“Fukushima”, Chernobyling Festival | Ukraine | 2017

    Prypiat – Charnobyl Exclusion Zone1 / Ukraine / 2017

    It was 1986 when disaster occurred in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

    115 000 locals were immediatley evacuated and the government subsequently resettled another 220,000 people. Until today, it is forbidden to live in the Zone.

    The Chernobyl disaster is one of only two nuclear accidents classified as a level 7 event (the maximum classification) on the International Nuclear Event Scale. The second disaster was Fukushima in 2011.

    Although the Chernobyl accident was well documented, the public have failed to recognize the hazardous effects of Fukushima.

    Due to the earthquake and subsequent tsunami the nuclear reactor caused the largest radiation release into the Pacific Ocean. For the next 6 years
    at least 150 tonnes (daily) of radioactive water have constantly leaked into the ocean. The pollution increases each year, detrimentally affecting the marine life. Yet, the source of this leak cannot be accessed by humans or robots because it is extremely radioactive.

    The Fukushima disaster is still in progress.

    The installation was made in the amusement park of the abandoned town of Pripyat.
    The park was to be open for Labour Day in 1986. The explosion occurred four days earlier.

    Thank you to the wonderful volunteers who helped me at work!